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Mahatma Gandhi Biography and what did Gandhi do?

Mahatma Gandhi

 He was born on 2 October 1869 (Ashwinwadi 12, Samvat 1665) in Porbandar (Gujarat). Mahatma Gandhi Biography and what did Gandhi do? His father’s name was Karamchandra Gandhi and mother’s name was Putli Bai.  His father was a minister of Rajkot, but he was not greedy to add money, so he was not very rich.  His mother was a very sadhvi, she did not even eat food without worshiping, Gandhiji got the knowledge of the glory of fasting from her mother.  Gandhiji’s childhood was spent in Porbandar.  Gandhiji was a very shy child in his childhood.  He was afraid to meet anyone, no one should make fun of him.  Gandhiji was honest from childhood.

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Mahatma Gandhi Biography and what did Gandhi do?
Mahatma Gandhi

Name – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

 Born – 2 October 1869 in the city of Porbandar (Gujarat)

 Died – 30 January 1948 New Delhi

 Gandhi’s education

 He had his middle school education in Porbandar. Gandhi went to school at the age of 7 and then passed the high school examination in 1888.  He went to Bhavnagar for higher education but could not settle there, then left and came back to Porbandar, Gandhiji went to England from Mumbai to study as a barrister in October 1888, where he learned French language and the art of giving good speech but he failed.  After remembering the three words given by his mother, he stayed away from the meat-liquor woman, in England, he became friends with Annie Besant and Madan Balaspiki.  He studied Bhagwat Geeta and came in contact with people of different religions and got religious books of many religions.  He returned to India in 1896.  Coming here, he got the news of his mother’s death.

Higher education under Gandhi will-

 When Gandhiji was 16 years old, his father had died. Gandhi also wanted to go to Vilayat, but his mother was afraid that his son might go to Vilayat and fall into the trap of meat and alcohol. After reaching London, he stayed in Victoria Hotel.  After leaving the hotel, he stayed with an English family, while he learned English customs, while preparing for the examination in Vilayat, he also started studying religious texts, after reading the English translation of the Gita, his reverence for the Gita increased, these days the inspiration of a Christian gentleman  But this sentence from the Bible fell on the Bible who slaps your straight cheek Turn your cheek in front of him. He made this the guide of his life.

Married life and family of Mahatma Gandhi –

 Mahatma Gandhi was married at the age of only 13.  His wife’s name was Kasturba Gandhi, she was 1 year older than him, Mahatma Gandhi’s father died in the year 1885.  At that time Gandhi first child was born. But she also died after some time, after that four more children were born. His name-

  •  Their first child was named Harilal who was born in (1888).
  •  The name of the second child was Manilal who was born in (1892).
  • The name of the third child was Ramdas, who was born in (1897).
  •  The name of the younger child was Devdas, who was born in (1900) took place.

Departure to South Africa(1893)-

 After 3 years of hard work, Gandhiji became a barrister on 10 June 1981. Came here and got the news of mother’s death. Gandhi ji has written that I was more traumatized by the death of my mother than the death of my father.  It happened, that there was a call from South Africa. A big company of Porbandar “Abdullah & Co.”

Major Movements of Gandhiji-

  •  Champaran Movement- 1917 April from Champaran district of Bihar (opposition of indigo cultivation and illegal recovery of farmers’ atrocities)
  •  Non-cooperation movement – lasted from 1 August 1920 to 1922 (resisting the increasing atrocities of the British government)
  •  Dundee March – 12 March 1930 to 6 April 1930 (in protest against the imposition of tax on salt by the British government)
  •  Dalit Movement – 8 March 1993 (against untouchability)
  • Quit India Movement – 8 August 1942 Gwalia Tank Mumbai (to end British rule)
  •  Chipko Movement- 1973 Chamoli district Uttar Pradesh (for environment protection  )     

Gandhi death-

Gandhi Death- Gandhji died on 30 january 1948 in New Delhi.he was giving a speech in a meating when Nathu Ram Godse shot him dead.the cause of his death is not clear till date.

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