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Abraham Lincoln Biography and events of his life

Abraham Lincoln Introduction

Abraham Lincoln was a great and good President of America. Abraham Lincoln Biography and events of his life – He was popular among all because of his philanthropic nature, endurance, and love for common people. Lincoln has an important place in the history of mankind .Abraham was born in America Abraham Lincoln was born on 12 February 1809.Then slavery was famous in America. Abraham wanted everyone to know because of slavery that he became an illiterate farmer.  There was no chance that Abraham would end slavery and bring freedom to the people of America and prove himself to be a great man.  America would be a developing country in the 19th century.

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Abraham Lincoln Biography and events of his life
Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln childhood

Abraham Lincoln Biography and Major Events of His Life . Abraham Lincoln was born on 12 February 1809.  Then slavery was famous in America.  Abraham wanted everyone to know because of slavery that he became an illiterate farmer.  There was no chance that Abraham would end slavery and bring freedom to the people of America and prove himself to be a great man.  America would be a developing country during the 19th century.  Due to slavery, all the people started moving from the area of ​​the East to the West, among those people was the family of Lincoln.  Abraham’s father was raising a means of livelihood.  Abraham also used to help his father. He could not attend school early in his life.  When Abraham came to Indiana, he was 7 years old.  Then Lincoln’s father took the family and started living on agricultural land in Indiana (a city in the United States of America).  It was earlier a part of a deserted forest.  Abraham’s family got involved in building the house.  The rainy season was about to come, so somehow the wooden house was prepared.  There were no schools here, so Lincoln was engaged in farming.

Abraham Lincoln’s education

 When Abraham was 11 years old, a school opened in the neighborhood, his father’s idea that a healthy body and able boy like Abraham should do farming but his mother’s idea was that Lincoln should be sent to school.  When the school opened in a wooden house in the neighborhood, Lincoln and his sister were put in the school to teach the alphabet.  Abraham’s mother used to tell him time and again that you should acquire knowledge by learning to read and write, only then you will grow up to be a great person.  On the orders of Abraham’s mother, he got the opportunity to go to school.  This is where Abraham’s love for books began.  But his studies remained irregular as he was frequently needed in farming.  He may have been able to go to school for only a few years.  But he used to read whatever he got to study.  Sometimes he used to borrow a book and had to walk miles to give it back.  After cultivating all day, Lincoln studied at night in the hut under the light of the embers of the fireplace, and wrote with coal on the wood.

Abraham Lincoln’s family

 Abraham Lincoln’s father’s name was Thomas Lincoln and his mother’s name was Nancy Hackes Lincoln.  Abraham’s father was a bigot, but he had to go hunting in the wilderness where he spent a lot of time in order to raise the family.  Abraham, his sister and mother (Nancy Lincoln) used to bear the burden of looking after the farm.  Lincoln attributed the inspiration of his life to his mother.  Lincoln once said – Whatever I am, or something I am going to be.  All that is on the advice of my mother.  May God keep them happy.  During the winter of 1818, a strange epidemic spread in the Indiana region, killing many people, and many animals too. Abraham’s mother also suffered from the same disease and died within a week.  Lincoln’s family was saddened by the loneliness, Lincoln and his sister had a great memory of their mother.  The father had to stay in the forest for a long time for hunting in the forest.  And both the children Lincoln and his sister had to live alone in the cottage.  9-year-old Lincoln used to console his sister on such deserted forest nights.  Then a few days later, Lincoln’s father remarried, due to which Lincoln’s family started living happily.

Abraham lincoln married life

 Lincoln was in love with a wood named Ann Routlett.  But Rutlett had died a few days before she was to be married.  Lincoln was heartbroken.  To forget his sorrow, he engaged in social service, then after a few years, Lincoln met Mary Todd, he married on November 4, 1842.

Abraham Lincoln’s Great Speech (Gotisburg)

 Gottisburg’s speech is one of Abraham’s great speeches.  Lincoln said in his speech that – years ago our ancestors gave birth to a new nation on this continent.  This nation was born at the time of independence.  Its ideal remains that God (God) has made all human beings equal. Today we are in a great war. And we are waiting for the fact that this nation will be born in the same way and someone who believes in this ideal.  Also other nation can survive or not. Today we have gathered in great field of war.  To keep the nation alive for which many of our great warriors laid down their lives.  But if it is seen from the eyes of the people, then it is not under our control to give glory to the land.  and make him holy.  The living people and the death brave men fought, they have already made it holy.  The world will not pay much attention to what we say here.  But the work done by the brave man.  The world will never forget him.  It is the duty of living human beings to complete that unfinished work also.  The great work that remains before us.  We should dedicate our whole life to them.

Major Events in the Life of Abraham Lincoln

  •  Slavery – Abraham Lincoln when at the age of 19 went to Aulians in a boat carrying goods from the Mississippi River.  That’s when he saw the slaves close by, Lincoln got very angry.  Lincoln settled in Illinois and broke new ground here and built a wooden house.
  •  Clerk – At the age of 22, Lincoln became a clerk in a shop in Illinois.  People were attracted by the depth of his thoughts and feelings.  Along with being skilled in storytelling, he used to mourn for taking information about the government.  Lincoln’s friends urged that Lincoln stand in the Illinois State Legislative Assembly election.
  •  Assembly – Lincoln entered politics at the age of 25.  He was tall, he wore a wide-brimmed hat, a shirt of the house cloth, and a coat with a pointed corner.  Seeing him, people used to think, how strange is this man, but as soon as he started speaking, everyone kept looking.  In 1834, Lincoln won the election of a member of the Illinois Legislative Assembly.
  •  Law – Lincoln used to study law in his spare time while living in the state’s Legislative Assembly.  Lincoln was elected three times in the Legislative Assembly elections.  In 1836, he got permission to practice law.
  •  Congress – At the age of 37, Lincoln entered the politics of the nation.  He was elected a member of the lower house of representatives of the Congress, Parliament.  Strong opposition to slavery in new states from here
  •  Fierce Separation – Lincoln in the days of Colonialism The Negro people who were being brought to America.  They were made to work as slaves.  Lincoln opposed the enslavement of one person to another in a free country.  his statement was Freedom is the right of every human being.
  •  Debate – In the year 1854, when everyone started believing that slavery would spread more in America.  Then Lincoln gave up his advocacy.  America stood for the election of MP.  This time Lincoln contested the election to the Upper House (Senate).  Lincoln’s election campaign representative candidate Steven A.  A series of debates with Douglas took the form of Douglas being elected, but despite being the subject of a fight, Lincoln got the respect of the nation.

Death of abraham lincoln

 Lincoln died on 15 April 1865 by being shot while giving a speech at a meeting.

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