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Jaswant Singh Gill biography in english

Mining Engineer Jaswant Singh Gill Introduction

Everyone is searching for Jaswant Singh Gill as a biopic film based on his life is about to be made. Jaswant Singh Gill biography – Jaswant Singh Gill is also known by the name of Jaswant Singh Gill, a Mining Engineer, because he was the Chief Mining Engineer in the Coal India Company.  Gill had saved the lives of about 65 laborers by risking his life. Because of this it is very famous. 

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Jaswant Singh Gill biography in english
Jaswant Singh Gill biography
full name – Jaswant Singh Gill 
Nickname – Jas, Jaswant 
born – 27 November 1937 
Birth – Sathiala, Amritsar Punjab 
Death – 26 November 2019 
age –  82 Years (At the time of death)
Profession – Retired Engineer (Chief Mining Engineer in All India Company) 
Religion – Sikh, Punjabi 
fame – Lives of about 65 laborers were saved 
Nationality – Indian 
Film – Capsules Gill 
Actor – Akshay Kumar 
Marital Status – Married 
Favorite Sport – Kabaddi
Wife Name – Not Known 
Son’s Name – Dr Sarpreet Singh Gill 
Parent’s name – Not Known 

Jaswant Singh Gill Birth and Early Life

Jaswant Singh Gill was born on 27 November 1937 in Sathiala village, Amritsar Punjab. His childhood was spent in his village Sathiala. Not much information about his childhood has been found. Who is Jaswant Singh Gill .

(There is not much information available on the Internet, we will share as much information as we know) 

Jaswant Singh Gill Education and career

Jaswant Singh Gill completed his early schooling from Sathiala. He was very smart in studies, always passed with good marks. Then he completed his college education from Khalsa College Amritsar and Indian School of Mines Dhanbad. Gill did his engineering studies from IIT ISM in 1965  Completed, and earned a degree. After that he got a government job. Jaswant Singh Gill was working as Chief Mining Engineer in All India Company. He used to do his job very honestly. After retiring from his job, Jaswant Singh Gill started helping in social work, and was elected a member of Aapda Prabandhan Samiti Amritsar in 2008. 

Jaswant Singh Gill Family

We could not get much information about Jaswant Singh Gill’s family. Jaswant Singh Gill is married, but the name of his wife is not known. They have a son, whose name is Dr Sarpreet Singh Gill. This is a doctor. His family lives in Punjab only.

Jaswant Singh Gill fame (1989) 

Jaswant Singh Gill was Chief Mining Engineer in Coal India Company. It is famous for saving the lives of 65 laborers. He saved the lives of people trapped in the West Bengal coal mine. 

On November 13, 1989, Jaswant Singh Gill and his team were working their jobs in a coal mine at Raniganj in West Bengal, when suddenly an accident happened. Jaswant Singh’s team (labourers) were in the mine, and due to the blasting of coal-fired rocks in the mine, the wall of the water level had cracked, and the water from there rapidly entered the mine. The water level was very high, 71 workers in the mine were trapped in the water. Jaswant Singh Gill came to know about this and without caring for his life, immediately decided to go to the mine filled with water. Jaswant Singh first tried to pump out the water with the help of officers, but they were unsuccessful. They dug several boreholes to deliver food to the workers. After this Jaswant Singh Gill made a plan wisely and prepared the team. Jaswant Singh Gill came up with the idea to make a steel capsule. From which one person could be taken out at a time. Jaswant Singh Gill sought help from nearby factories and assembled the steel capsule. After assembling the capsule on the night of 15 November, the steel capsule was ready. Jaswant Singh Gill’s senior and government officials also opposed it, but Jaswant Singh Gill did not listen to anyone, and Jaswant entered the capsule. And started the rescue operation. The steel capsule was sent to the mine through a borewell hole. Jaswant Singh Gill had pulled out 65 laborers till around 9:00 am on 16 November 1989. Jaswant Singh Gill had single-handedly saved the lives of 65 laborers by risking his life. The whole world praised Jaswant Singh for doing such a big job. And he was honored as well. For this, after 2 years in 1991, Jaswant Singh Gill was given the civilian gallantry award ( best life saving medal) by the Indian Government from the hands of President Ramaswamy Venkataraman. And Coal India has also declared November 16 as “Rescue Day” in honor of Jaswant Singh Gill. 

Jaswant Singh Gill biography in english
Jaswant Singh Gill (1989) 

Jaswant Singh Gill Bodybuilding

  • Age – 82 years (at the time of death) 
  • Height – 5.11 inches
  • Weight – 73 kg
  • Colour – fair
  • eye color – black
  • hair color – black white

Jaswant Singh Gill Biopic Movie

A biopic based on the life of Jaswant Singh Gill is in the making, which will be titled “Capsule Man” or “Capsule Gill”. Actor Akshay Kumar is playing the character of Jaswant Singh Gill in this film. The film will release in 2023. Now in July 2022, a picture of Akshay Kumar from the film has been shared on social media. In which he is seen as a Sikh wearing a red turban. The poster and trailer of the film will be released soon. 

Jaswant Singh Gill Death

Jaswant Singh Gill passed away on 26 November 2019 in Amritsar, Punjab. He was 82 years old at the time of his death. Everyone appreciates the courage of Jaswant Singh Gill.  A square has also been built in the name of Jaswant Singh Gill on Majitha Road in Amritsar to honor Gill. 

Jaswant Singh Gill Awards and Achievements

  1. Jaswant Singh Gill received the Civilian Gallantry Award (Jeevan Rakshak Medal) for his bravery. 
  2. Cal India declared 16 November as “Rescue Day” to honor him . 
  3. Received Life Time Achievement Award by Engineers Association. 
  4. Life Time Achievement Award by Tata Group. 
  5. Jaswant in Amritsar A chauraha was built in the name of Singh Gill. 
  6. Received Bhagat Singh Puran Award by Patiala Mandal. 
  7. For Outstanding Services to Huminity by Harman Edu and Welfare Society Amritsar Received the award.
  8. Jaswant Singh Gill’s name has also been written in the Limca Book of World Records. 
  9. Jaswant Singh Gill was awarded by many other states and institutions . 

Jaswant Singh Gill Interesting Information

  • Jaswant Singh Gill saved the lives of 65 workers trapped in a mine in 1989. 
  • Jaswant Singh Gill A biopic film is also being made in Bollywood based on the life of, named – Capsule Gill. 
  • Jaswant Singh Gill has also received many awards
  • Jaswant on November 16 “Rescue Day” has been declared in honor of Singh Gill.
  • The capsule method developed by Jaswant Singh Gill has been used in many countries.
  • In 2010 in Chile This capsule was also used 
  • Jaswant Singh Gill did engineering from IIT, ISM in 1965. 


Q. Who is Jaswant Singh Gill?

A. Jaswant Singh Gill was the Chief Mining Engineer in the Coal India Company. Gill had saved the lives of about 65 laborers by risking his life. For this reason it is very famous.

Q. Whose biopic is the movie Capsule Gill?

A. Jaswant Singh Gill.

Q. Where did Jaswant Singh Gill belong?

A. Sathiala, Amritsar Punjab

Q. What is the name of Jaswant Singh’s wife?

A. Not known.

Q. When did Jaswant Singh Gill die?

A. Death – 26 November 2019

Q. When was Jaswant Singh born?

A. Born- 27 November 1937

Q. Why is Jaswant Singh Gill famous?

A. Jaswant Singh Gill saved the lives of 65 workers trapped in the mine in 1989. He saved the lives of people trapped in the West Bengal coal mine.

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