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Ankit yadav biography in english (Founder of

Introducing Ankit Yadav

Everyone dreams of a job, but very few people think of doing something of their own. Ankit yadav biography in english –  Today we are bringing in front of you the life introduction of a person who was once called a madman. But he listened to his mind and today created a company worth crores “”. Whose name is Ankit Yadav. Ankit Yadav was born in Bhopal (India), Madhya Pradesh. Ankit Yadav is an Indian businessman. Ankit Yadav is the Founder of deals in making clothes. Let us introduce you to his life – 

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Ankit yadav biography in english (Founder of
Ankit yadav (Founder of
full name – Ankit Yadav
Birth – 31 July 1991
Place of Birth – Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (India)
Age – 31 Years (2022) 
Profession – Merchant
Religion – Hindu
Nationality – Indian
Education – kopar higher secondary school Bhopal, scholars Home public school, civil engineering Rgpv University bhopal, Delhi NIFT
Cause of Fame – Founder of 
Present Residence – Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh ( India)
Net Worth – 1 Crore Annual Turnover
Marital Status – Not Known
Business partner – Rashi soni
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Ankit Yadav Birth and Early Life

Ankit Yadav was born on 31st July 1991 in Bhopal (India), Madhya Pradesh. Ankit’s early life was spent in Bhopal. Ankit’s father works in a government bank, so Ankit was under pressure to do a government job since childhood. In the early life of Ankit, he even had to do the work of selling bulbs. ankit yadav english .

Education of Ankit Yadav

Ankit Yadav was born in a middle class family of Bhopal. He did his early schooling from Kopal Higher Secondary School Bhopal. Then enrolled in scholars home public school in the year 2007. After completing his schooling, Ankit started his career in the year 2009  Completed his graduation from Civil Engineering Rgpv University Bhopal. After that he got education from Studies Entrepreneurship Management at National Dairy Institute for management studies. After a few days, Ankit’s interest started coming in the fashion industry. Leaving the job of Delhi (NIFT) took 3 months training in National Institute of Fashion Technology.

Ankit Yadav’s Family

Ankit’s family consists of his parents. They love their parents very much. Ankit’s father was in a government job. Behind this success, his parents also helped Ankit a lot. We have no information about Ankit Yadav’s marriage.

  • Father’s Name – Not Known
  • Mother’s Name – Not Known

Ankit Yadav Physical appearance

  • Age – 31 years (in 2022)
  • weight – 70 kg approx
  • Height – 6 feet
  • hair color – black
  • eye color – black
  • skin color – fair

Ankit Yadav Social media accounts

Ankit Yadav is very active on social media about his startup Ankit Yadav has 17,736 followers on personal social media Facebook accounts and on Instagram accounts  Has almost 500 followers.

Ankit Yadav Career

Ankit Yadav cracked two government job exams in 2009 after completing his civil engineering from Rgpv University. First UES for SSB for Defense and second for RTO Regional Transport Officer. But out of the two, Ankit did not join any job. After that in the year 2013, Ankit worked in “Aaj Tak” news channel in Noida. “Today”  After leaving the job in 2014, Ankit went to Karol Bagh. In the year 2015, worked as a writer in Star Plus channel. After that in the year 2016, he learned management at the National Dairy Research Institute. And in the year 2017 took 6 months training at NIFT to understand the nuances of fashion. And today Ankit is currently the founder of Launch was started by Ankit Yadav in the year 2017. Ankit himself tells in an interview that it was difficult to make clothes in small towns. A few years ago there were no big traders making garments in Bhopal. Now Ankit has started the work of clothes. But he needed training, because Ankit was a student of B.Tech civil engineering. He didn’t know anything about the session. About 3-4 months Ankit took training from Delhi NIFT. Now it was a matter of money, how to invest in the company. Ankit did not have enough money to invest in the company. Then he borrowed ₹ 10 lakh from his father and started making clothes and  Took a loan of up to 20 million from the Center’s one Credit Primiflix Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprise (CGTMSE) for small industries.

Then started making clothes at home with a sewing machine and the fibers were ordered from the local meal of MP. Ankit started marketing with Influencers, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms. With the help of social media, Ankit’s startup got a flight. Ankit Yadav says that the quality of clothes also has to be taken care of. He Remonds, Vimal,  Oswal used to make clothes and garments by getting clothes from the mill to the than. Ankit’s business partner Rashi Soni tells that he understood the nuances of fashion, and corrected the problems in the company. Rashi is 50% partner of Sony It tells that in the year 2020, she started suffering a lot due to the lockdown. In the meantime, by registering a fake brand and starting online marketing with a fake brand name. Earlier, used to make clothes for other companies and hotels, but now they manufacture all types of garments. Ankit says that more than 100 people work in the production unit. We have taken pictures of Ankit Yadav from his Instagram account

Ankit yadav biography in english (Founder of
Ankit yadav biography in english (Founder of Social media accounts

Ankit Yadav has made his startup so successful today with the help of social media. has got a lot of marketing with the help of YouTube. Youtube channel has 1.26k subscribers and 70 videos uploaded. Ankit Yadav keeps giving information about start ups through videos on YouTube channel. If you want to know something then you can follow the link below.

What does manufacture?

The founder of is Ankit Yadav. manufactures jeans, blazers, shirts, t-shirts, girls wear and many more.

Ankit Yadav’s future plans

Ankit tells that he is going to bring a new twist to his startup Those who want any future garment, they will be able to buy it from any local shop. Through online app, that too without any hassle.

Ankit Yadav Net Worth

Ankit Yadav’s annual turnover is Rs 1 crore.

Ankit Yadav Awards

Young Entrepreneur Dakhal Pride Award in the year 2022.

Intersetting facts about Ankit Yadav’s life

  • Ankit Yadav is an Indian businessman.
  • Ankit left his two government jobs and started Pathak.
  • Ankit’s father was in some government job.
  • Ankit used to work in Seller and Marketing company in Delhi before startup.
  • Ankit Yadav’s company jeans blazer, tshirt, sherwani design, clothing design.
  • Ankit gets orders from abroad with the help of youtube.
  • Company on Ankit’s online e-commerce website List and production details of Ankit are given.
  • The name of Ankit’s business partner is Rashi Soni, Rashi Soni helped Ankit a lot in the success day of the business.
  • Ankit did his civil engineering from rgpv university Bhopal.
  • Ankit Yadav cracked the government exam twice in just 6 months.

Good thoughts of Ankit Yadav

Ankit writes in about his social media account facebook that –

A simple person who knows how to calculate and manage things by finger

Ankit Yadav

Ankit has told through Facebook that he considered Sushant Singh Rajput as his role model. This post was posted by Ankit on 14 Jun 2020. Posting a photo after Sushant’s death, Ankit writes that –

We MS Dhoni  Keep motivating yourself after watching the film and you yourself lost. Remember, whenever they meet, my first question would be whether you were weak or we, you kept on considering you as role model. Will all of us come out of small towns and die like this.

Ankit Yadav

What do we learn from them?

We get to learn this from Ankit Yadav. Never take decisions under anyone’s pressure. We should live our life our way. Due to Ankit’s hard work and dedication, his business is worth crores of turnover today. Ankit’s dream of doing business grew so much that he decided to leave two government jobs and do business. Who is ankit yadav .

FAQ Section

Q. Who is the founder of

Ans. Ankit Yadav is an Indian businessman. Ankit Yadav was born in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (India). Ankit Yadav is the founder of deals in making clothes..

Q. Where was Ankit Yadav born?

Ans. Ankit Yadav was born on 31 July 1991 in Bhopal was born in Madhya Pradesh (India).

Q. How old is Ankit Yadav?

Ans. 31 Years (in 2022)

Q. What does produce?

Ans. Ankit Yadav is the founder of manufactures jeans, blazers, shirts, t-shirts, girls wear and many more.

Q. Where is Ankit Yadav? 

A . Current residence – Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (India

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