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Major General Ian Cardozo Biography

Ian Cardozo Introduction

Ian Cardozo is a great and brave army soldier of India. Major General Ian Cardozo Biography – He was in the Indian Army. (currently retired) His rank was of Major General. He had cut his own leg with his own khukri (knife) due to gunpowder injuries during the Indo-Pakistani war in 1971. Since then he is called the strong Gurkha soldier of India. That is why a film is being made based on the life of this brave brave soldier of the country, Major General Ian Cardozo, which has been named “Gorkha”. 

Major General Ian Cardozo AVSM SM is a former officer of the Indian Army. 

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Major General Ian Cardozo Biography
Major General Ian Cardozo Biography
full name – Ian Cardozo 
Nick Name – Cartoo Sir, Cartridge
born – 7 August 1937
Place of Birth – Bombay, British Colonial India 
Age – 85 Year (2022) 
occupation – Indian Army (currently retired Indian Force Officer) 
post – Major General
served in the army – from 1954 to 1993
Religion – Christian
Nationality –  Indian 
War – 1971 Indo Pakistan War and War of Sylhet
President – Rehabilitation Council of India 
Rifle – 1/5 Gurkha Rifles and 4/5 Gurkha Rifles
Awards – Sena Medal and Ati Vishisht Seva Medal 
Film –  Biopic film Gorkha and actor Akshay Kumar
fame – had his own leg amputated during war 
Hometown – New Delhi, India 
Marital Status – Matrimonial

Ian Cardozo Birth and Early Life

Ian Cardozo was born on 7 August 1937 in Bombay, British colonial India. His early life was spent in Mumbai. He was from a very normal family. He had a desire to do something for the country since childhood. 

Ian Cardozo Family and Marriage

Ian Cardozo hails from a Christian family. His father’s name was Vincent Cardozo, and mother’s name was Diana Cardozo. Ian Cardozo was married in 1966. His wife’s name is Priscilla Cardozo. Both of them also have three children, all three are sons. (Name not known). Ian Cardozo’s age is 85 years old at present (2022). And his family lives in New Delhi. 

  • Mother’s Name – Diana Cardozo
  • Father’s Name – Vincent Cardozo
  • Wife’s Name – Priscilla Cardozo
  • children – 3 sons (Name Not Known) 
Major General Ian Cardozo Biography
Ian Cardozo Family

Ian Cardozo’s Education

Ian Cardozo completed his early schooling from St. Xavier’s High School, Fort. He then enrolled at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai for his undergraduate studies, and earned his bachelor’s degree. After his college studies he joined “National Defense Academy”  were recruited in Ian Cardozo was also given a silver and gold medal for his good performance in the National Defense Academy. 

Ian Cardozo Career and Army Life

Ian Cardozo had enrolled in the “National Defense Academy” after college, then it was from here that his army life (the journey of the army) began. After completing the training, Ian Cardozo directly joined the Indian Military Academy. He did his best here and even before his training was over, Ian Cardozo got a place in the 5 Gorkha Rifles (Frontier Force), And then he did not back down. Ian Cardozo commanded the 1st Battalion of the 5th Regiment of the Gurkha Rifles. 

Ian Cardozo Bodybuilding

  • Age – 85 years (2022) 
  • Height – 5 feet 8 inches
  • Eye Colour – Black
  • Hair Color – white

India-Pakistan War (1971) 

Tension was going on between India and Pakistan in 1971, and there was a possibility of war. This war was for the independence of East Pakistan. And then if Pakistan takes the initiative for war, then India will have to go to war. The news of war had arrived. One of the first soldiers sent was from the Gurkha regiment, and Ian Cardozo  4/5 were in the Gorkha Rifles. One of his soldiers was martyred in the war with Pakistan, then Ian Cardozo was sent to the war in his place. And then a new mission came in the midst of this war. The Gorkha Rifles was neither sitting peacefully nor sleeping for the last three-four days due to the ongoing war. He was ordered to go on a new mission when Ian Cardozo  Including many (384) Gorkha Rifles were sent to Pakistan via helicopter. At the place where the troops were to land, there were already about 8000 soldiers of Pakistan. But the Indian Army was not aware of this. There was a war between the two armies and a few soldiers of the Gurkha Rifles had been fighting with the huge Pakistan Army for several days. And then in the last  Pakistan Army accepted its defeat.  Then after this, the Pakistan Army surrendered in the Sylhet war as well, but during one incident in this war, Ian Cardozo had to amputate his own leg due to injury to his leg. 

Why Ian Cardozo had to amputate his leg 

Ian Cardozo’s leg came in the landmine laid by the Pakistani army in the war with Pakistan, when there was a very strong explosion and Ian Cardozo’s leg was badly injured in it. He was covered in blood. The Indian Army picked him up and took him to the camp, but there was no doctor there. All the soldiers were also afraid that Ian Cardozo might die. Ian asked the soldiers for morphine, but there was nothing available at that time.  Then Ian Cardozo told his partner that – cut my leg. None of the comrades had the courage that Ian  Can cut his leg. The comrades refused to amputate the leg. Then Ian Cardozo picked up his khukri (knife) and cut off his own leg, and asked the companion to bury this leg of mine in the ground. After this war, Ian Cardozo was also honored. 

Gorkha Film (Ian Cardozo Biopic Movie) 

A film based on the life of Major General Ian Cardozo, a brave and brave soldier of the country, is about to be made. The name of the film is “Gorkha”. The producer of this film is Sanjay PS Chauhan. Actor Akshay Kumar will star in the film. Akshay Kumar is playing the character of Ian Cardozo. This film will release soon. Now the poster of the film has been released and probably Gorkha Movie may release during Independence Day (2022). 

Ian Cardozo Awards and Achievements

  1. Sena Medal 
  2. Ati Vishisht Sena Medal
  3. Awarded after the Indo-Pakistani War
  4. Chairman of the Rehabilitation Council of India 
  5. The first disabled officer to command a battalion and a brigade

Some interesting information about Ian Cardozo

  • Ian Cardozo cut off his own leg with his own knife in the 1971 war. 
  • A film based on the life of Ian Cardozo is about to be made, titled “Gurkha”.
  • Ian Cardozo is 85 years old at present (2022). 
  • Ian Cardozo He was an officer in the Indian Army, his rank of Major General. 
  • Ian Cardozo served in the army from 1954 to 1953, now he is retired. 
  • Ian Cardozo was involved in the Indo-Pakistani War and the Sylhet War. 
  • Major General Ian Cardozo became the first war disabled officer of the Indian Army.
  • Ian Cardozo is also a writer, He has also written many books influenced by the war. Eg – 1971: Story of Glory form Indo-Pak War,  Param Veer: Our Heroes in Wattle, Shaitan Singh: Incredible Heroism displayed boy a small group against hordes of Chinese in the Battle of Rezang Lo in 1962, The Seeking of INS, Khukri: Survivor Stories etc. 


Q. Why did Ian Cardozo amputate his leg? 

A. Ian Cardozo’s leg came in the landmine laid by the Pakistani army in the war, then there was a very strong explosion and Ian Cardozo’s leg was badly injured in this. Hence the leg amputation

Q. When did Ian Cardozo amputate his leg?

A. 1971 Ian Cardozo had to amputate his own leg after he injured his leg during an incident in the Sylhet battle. 

Q. What is the name of Ian Cardozo’s biopic movie?

A. Biopic film “Gorkha”  and actor Akshay Kumar. 

Q. Whose biopic is Gurkha movie? 

A. Major General Ian Cardozo’s. 

Q. Ian Cardozo is alive ?

A. Yes, (2022) 

Q. How old is Ian Cardozo?

A. 85 years (in 2022) 

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