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Geetanjali Shree biography – Hindi writer

Gitanjali Shree Introduction

Gitanjali Shree is a Hindi writer. She is an Indian novelist and short story writer. Geetanjali Shree biography – who is also known as Geetanjali Pandey. She puts her mother’s first name “Shri” in the last of her name. His “Tomb of Sand ”  The novel named has won the International Booker Prize in 2022. Geetanjali Shree is a famous writer of India, novelist and short story writer. 

(Biography of Geetanjali Shree, Age, Novel, Awards, Family, Husband) Geetanjali Shree biography

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Geetanjali Shree biography - Hindi writer
Geetanjali Shree
Full name – Geetanjali Pandey
Surname – Geetanjali Shree
Date of Birth – 12 June 1957
Place of Birth – Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh (India) 
Citizenship – Indian
hometown – Orissa
occupation – Novelist, Writer of short stories
Marital Status – Marital
Education – master in modern Indian history 
famous – won the International Booker Prize for Novel (2022) 

Gitanjali Shree Birth and Early Life

Gitanjali Shri ji was born on 12 June 1957 in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh. She grew up in her birth place Uttar Pradesh. He has been fond of reading and writing since the beginning. He started his education from here.

Gitanjali Shree’s family

Gitanjali Shree’s family lives in Uttar Pradesh. Geetanjali Shree’s father’s name is Avinash Lenka. He works as a civil servant. Gitanjali Shri’s mother’s name is Priyathama ji. It is a duodenum. He also has two sisters, the names of sisters are Jayanti Pandey and Gayatri Shukla. He also has two brothers, the names of the brothers are Gyanendra Pandey and Shailendra Pandey.  Geetanjali Shree is also married. Her husband’s name is not known, and Geetanjali Shree has children too. She lives very happily with her family.

  • Father – Avinash Lenka
  • Mother – Priyathama
  • Sister – 2 (Jayanti Pandey and Gayatri Shukla) 
  • Brother – 2 (Gyanendra Pandey and Shailendra Pandey) 
  • Husband – Name not known
  • Children – Name not known

Education of Gitanjali Shree 

Gitanjali Shree did her early education in Uttar Pradesh itself. His father was working as a civil servant. That’s why they used to change in the cities of Uttar Pradesh, so because of this Gitanjali Shree’s education was also done in many cities of Uttar Pradesh. He has been very fond of reading and writing from the very beginning. Gitanjali Shree went to Delhi for her higher education. There he studied history at Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. And then did his Masters from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Career of Gitanjali Shree

Gitanjali Shree has also taught at Zakir Hussain College and Jamia Millia Islamia in the year 1980. At the same time, in 1980, his career was started by the leading Hindi publishing house Rajkamal ji. And it was presided over by Shri Sheela Sandhu ji. Geetanjali Shree wrote her first story in the year 1987, whose name  It was “belpatra”. But her first novel “Maai”  came into the limelight. And its English translation was selected for the Crossword Book Award in 2001. “Maai”  The English translation was done by Neeta Kumar. For this he received the Sahitya Akademi Translation Award. Geetanjali Shree has written many novels, and her novels and stories have been translated into many languages, such as – Gujarati, Urdu, French, English, Korean and Siberian etc.

Geetanjali Shree biography - Hindi writer
Received the International Booker Prize for the novel Tomb of Sand.

List of Novels and Stories


  • BelPatra ( 1987) 
  • Maai (2001) 
  • Humara shehar us baras
  • Khali jagah ( 2006 )  
  • Ret samadhi (Tomb of Sand) ( 2018) 
  • Tirohit


  • Unugoonj
  • vairayga
  • March
  • Maa
  • Sakura

Gitanjali Shree Body Structure

  • Age – 65 years ( 2022) 
  • Height – 5 feet 5 inches
  • Colour – Wheaten
  • Eye Colour – Dark Brown
  • hair color – dark white

Geetanjali Shree Awards and Samman

  • Tomb of sand ( Ret samadhi) received the International Booker Prize on 26 April 2022 for the novel.
  • It is the first Indian book to receive this honour.
  • “Maai ” Ka English translation was shortlisted for the 2001 Crossword Book Award.

Some interesting information about Gitanjali Shree

  1. Gitanjali Shree has been awarded the International Booker Prize.
  2. For the first time in history, a Hindi writer has received this Award has been given.
  3. This novel has become one of the 13 books in the world that have received the National Booker Prize.
  4. Gitanjali Shree has written 5 novels so far and many more. She has also written stories.
  5. The first story of Gitanjali Shree is Belpatra, which was written in 1987.
  6. His novel “Hamara Shahar Us Baras”  It was based on the situation after the events of the demolition of Babri Masjid.
  7. His stories and novels have been translated into many languages.


Q. Who is Gitanjali Shri? 

A. A Hindi writer, novelist and short story writer

Q. How many novels did Geetanjali Shree write? 

A. Five (by 2022)

Q. When was Geetanjali Shree born? 

A. 12 June 1957 (Uttar Pradesh)

Q. Which book of Gitanjali Shree has been recognized by international booker Awarded? 

A. Tomb of Sand ( Ret samadhi) 

Q. What is the age of?

A. 65 years (2022) 

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