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History of Evolution of Organisms, Civilization and 3 Eras

History of evolution of organisms

It is believed that only about 50000 years have passed since the arrival of real human beings. History of Evolution of Organisms, Civilization and 3 Eras. What was the condition of the earth before and what kind of animals lived etc. How did man find out. After working hard for many years, the story of animal development was prepared and as new facts are being uncovered, this  The shortcomings of the framework are being filled.

History of Evolution of Organisms, Civilization and 3 Eras
History of Evolution of Organisms

-{ 3 Eras }-

*Azoic Era-

It has been about two billion years or more that the Earth was formed. As the Earth cooled and as a result of cooling, all the metals and other substances that are in the Earth in the gas form gradually changed into liquid and solid form. Today  In the Earth’s position, there is a distance of about 4000 miles from the center of the Earth to the Earth’s surface. It is estimated that the innermost core near the center, which is often 2200 miles thick, is made of iron and nickel metals. In the Earth’s womb  So far it is a metal due to very strong heat and other products in liquid or earth liquid state. This topmost shell of stone rocks is made of many layers together, which becomes mud by dissolving dust and soil in water and hardens with ease.  and a layer of rocks was formed. At this stage, the soil then began to accumulate mud and gradually became another surface. Thus the level was deposited and the upper shell became the rocks we call today (sedimentary rock)  The history of life is found written in these level rocks. By examining them, it has been found that the oldest of these.The age of the old rocks can be estimated at about one billion 600 million years. The strata of these rocks do not find any sign of life till the age of more than half.No signs of living beings are also found. The age of such rocks has been named Azoic Rocks Age.

*Paleozoic Era- 

Microorganisms whose remains are not traceable, but whose condition is estimated  There were, and many types of grass-plants like moss were also found in the water. The existence of such creatures is only guessed, there could not have been any possibility of their existence.  This was the beginning period. The natural conditions were very odd, the water of the seas was not calm and cool, and there is a possibility that the life span of living beings would have been only a few hours.  When it took millions of years for more advanced organisms to change their species.  coral  and signs of sea scorpions and many other types of water creatures begin to be found. As the natural conditions were at that time, it was quite possible that in order to survive, to avoid the strong rays of the sun, shell-like shells were used on those creatures.  Evolution must have happened in the same way. The era in which these early organisms emerged and developed is called the Paleozoic Age. Apart from the above mentioned early organisms, as time passed, more and more new organisms developed.

*Mesozoic Era-

The period of this era is estimated from about 200 million years ago to 50 million years ago.  Then, for thousands of years, many parts of the earth were covered with cold ice. Fierce changes in temperature etc. kept happening, it is estimated that in the last period of the era, there was an empire of cold for many long years.  So the trees and plants spread over vast areas of the Earth of the Carbon Age would have been destroyed to a great extent, and the soil and stones would have been deposited on them, and getting converted into mineral form and buried in the womb of the Earth. Those trees of the same era  Today we find in the form of stone coal mines. In such eras of change, many types of abilities, powers, development take place in the creatures, and those beings keep on bringing changes in themselves according to the changed environment.  Many types of tree plants have developed along with animals, now this tree plant seeds  and were in such a state of development that their seeds were produced when they fell on the ground and when they got proper water from rain. Thus we see that they had developed enough by the time they reached this age of life.

*New Era-

This era started about 5 to 4 crore years ago from today. For millions of years, all the creatures of the Middle Ages had a monolithic kingdom in this world. Nature changes were going on, the shape and conditions of mountains, lakes, rivers, seas were changing.  For years, sometimes there was heat, sometimes there were terrible catastrophes. Then it remained the same for millions of years.  Till the remains of any creature are not found in the traces or fossil rocks. It is possible that it must have been millions of years of severe winter and special creatures would not have been able to flourish in such conditions. There must have been a lot of war to survive and the creatures would have to change the nature.  One must have had to do spiritual practice to make oneself according to it.  Mountains, Alps Mountains, Rocky and Andes Mountains Geology  They were coming up and down. And the outlines of today’s continents and oceans were beginning to Paleozoic Era form was born as well as the grasslands became in this era, and there was also the arrival of flying animals (birds) along with other animals. The arrival of mammals was the most important event in this era.  The creatures of the state had come in this situation, it was their specialty that as soon as they were born, they used to get separated from the creatures giving birth and started living their life separately.  development took place, and at the same time, even after birth, those children had to live with their parent for a few days, months, for their subsistence food. As time passed the creatures of this age developed and The fruits, flowers, flora and fauna started becoming visible on this earth in the same way that from today’s vegetation Today’s animals were similar to today’s world. The ancestors of animals like horses,camels, elephants, dogs, cheetahs, lions etc were visible in that era.

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