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secret of dwarka nagari, dwarka nagari rahasya in english

Dwarka city story – Dwarka Nagari story

Lord Shri Krishna was born in Mathura, and he grew up in Gokul. But he ruled Dwarka. dwarka nagari rahasya in english – But one question which often comes in the mind of all of us is that the grand and divine city which was settled by Lord Shri Krishna himself. Why did she end up in the sea? Where did he go? And what happened to Lord Shri Krishna after this? Today we will tell you the answers to all these questions here.

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secret of dwarka nagari, dwarka nagari rahasya in english
No one has seen the city of Dwarka, but it could be something like this
Full name – Dwarka city
Country – India
State – Gujarat
Established by – Shri Krishna
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Why did Shri Krishna establish the city of Dwarka?

Friends, the city of Dwarka is known as the birthplace of Shri Krishna. According to the story described in Mahabharata, when Lord Shri Krishna killed Kansa. Then Jarasandha had taken a vow. That he will destroy Krishna and the Yaduvanshis. And whenever Jarasandha got the opportunity. So he used to impose pressure on Mathura and Yaduvanshis. His atrocities were showing no signs of stopping. In such a situation, for the safety of the Yaduvanshis, Lord Shri Krishna thought it better to leave Mathura. After leaving Mathura, he established a grand and divine city on the sea shore. Which was named Dwarka city. After coming here, he started living a peaceful life with his loved ones. Then the wheel of time turned and after running the kingdom efficiently for about 36 years, suddenly one day after Shri Krishna left his body, the city of Dwarka was drowned in the sea. Friends, there is information about two stories related to this incident in mythology. The first story is that after the Mahabharata war, Mother Gandhari cursed Shri Krishna. And the second story is that the sages had cursed Sama, the son of Shri Krishna.

secret of dwarka nagari, dwarka nagari rahasya in english
Dwarka temple may have been submerged in water in this manner

First story – The curse given by Mother Gandhari to Shri Krishna.

After the end of the Mahabharata war, when the Pandavas were returning back to Hastinapur after conquering the Kauravas. Then Sanjay, the disciple of Maharishi Vyas, informed Mother Gandhari that the Pandavas had come to Hastinapur along with their companions. Hearing all this, Mother Gandhari was in great mental distress. Still somehow he controlled his mind, but when he came to know that Lord Shri Krishna was also with the Pandavas. Then she became furious and felt a desire for revenge. In anger he cursed Lord Shri Krishna. And said that if I have prayed to my beloved with a true heart. And has followed the husband’s fast selflessly. So the way my clan has been destroyed. In exactly the same way, your clan will also be destroyed before your eyes. This luxurious Dwarka city of yours will sink into the sea. After Gandhari said this, Lord Shri Krishna said smilingly – Mother, I was waiting for this blessing. I accept this night of yours. And after this he left for Dwarka.

Second story – Curse given to Sama, son of Shri Krishna.

Once upon a time, Maharishi Vishwamitra, Kan, Devarshi Narad etc. had come to Dwarka. When he went on a trip, Krishna’s son Sham was present there with his companions. They had planned to play a prank on the sages. In this sequence, Sam had to dress up as a woman and ask them, what will be born from my womb. When the sages saw that this young man was insulting us. So he got angry and cursed him that this son of Shri Krishna would produce an iron pestle. Through which cruel, arrogant and angry people like you will kill your entire clan. He will have the influence of the pestle on everyone except Lord Krishna and Balram. When Lord Shri Krishna came to know about this, he said that it must be true.

How did all the Yaduvanshis get destroyed?

As a result of the curse given to Shri Krishna by Mother Gandhari and the curse given by the sages to Shri Krishna’s son Sam, Sam gave birth to a muscle. But when King Ugrasen came to know about this, he stole the pestle and quietly threw it into the sea. The friend also got it announced that no one would produce liquor. Any person who prepares liquor secretly will be given death penalty. And hearing this the people of Dwarka took a vow not to make liquor. After this, inauspicious incidents started happening every day in Dwarka. Sometimes there was a strong storm and sometimes a strong storm, the number of rats suddenly increased so much. That there were more rats than humans in sight. And they started gnawing even the hair and nails of sleeping people. Strange incidents started happening in Puri Dwarka city. Donkeys started being born from the stomachs of cows. All the Yaduvanshis started getting involved in Tamasic activities. When Lord Shri Krishna saw all this, he thought that the curse of Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas, was about to come true. And the time has come for the curse given to Sama by the sages to become true.

secret of dwarka nagari, dwarka nagari rahasya in english
Mystery of Dwarka city

Pilgrimage of Yaduvanshi

Seeing these bad omens and knowing the coincidence of Amavasya on the thirteenth day of the Paksha, Shri Krishna started thinking about the condition of Kaal. He saw that a similar combination was being formed at this time. As it was made during the Mahabharata war. And then with the aim of making the curse of Mother Gandhari come true, Shri Krishna ordered the Yaduvanshis to undertake a pilgrimage. By the order of Lord Shri Krishna, all the Yaduvanshis came and started living on the sea shore. One day while staying in Prabhas Tirtha, everyone was talking among themselves. Then Satviki got angry and ridiculed and disrespected Krit Verma. Krit Verma also uttered some such words. Due to which Satviki’s anger reached the seventh heaven. And he killed Krit Varma. Seeing this, the Andhak clans surrounded Satviki from all sides. And attacked them. Seeing this scene, Shri Krishna’s son Pradyum ran to help him. Satviki and Pradyum were leading the charge alone. But due to the large number of Andhak dynasty, they had to face defeat. And in the end he was killed by their hands.

Shri Krishna arrived after getting information about his son.

Shri Krishna became extremely angry at the death of his son, and he uprooted a handful of grass. As soon as the grass came in hand, it would turn into an iron pestle. Friends, this was happening because of the curse given by the sages. The pestle was so powerful that anyone could be killed with a single blow. And thus the Yaduvanshis started fighting among themselves. Sama, Charudeshna, Aniruddha and Gadha died as soon as Shri Krishna saw them. After this, the Rudra form of Lord Shri Krishna was seen. And he killed all the warriors. In the end, Shri Krishna and his charioteer Darukh were left. Lord Krishna told Darukh to go to Hastinapur this very moment and tell Arjun the entire incident in detail. And bring Arjun here. Darukh followed his orders. After this, Shri Krishna returned to his palace asking Balram to stay at this place. And Shri Krishna told the whole incident to father Vasudev. He felt very sad to hear this. Shri Krishna told his father to take the responsibility of protecting the women until Arjun arrives. Because Balram is waiting for me in the forest. I am going to him only. The screams of women had started in the city. In such a situation, Shri Krishna consoled the women and said that do not worry, Arjun is about to come. And he will take care of everything, saying this Shri Krishna went towards Ban.

Balram gave up his body in

When Krishna reached the forest, he saw that Balram ji was in samadhi. Suddenly a white snake came out of his mouth and went towards the sea. Friends, he was not an ordinary snake. Because he had thousands of masks. And not only this, the sea god himself appeared and greeted Sheshnag. After some time Balram left his body. While wandering alone in that deserted forest, Shri Krishna started thinking about the curse of Mother Gandhari. And controlling his senses, he lay down on the ground.

death of lord shri krishna

When Shri Krishna was lying on the earth. Just then a hunter named Jara arrived there in search of his prey. From a distance he felt that there was a deer there. And he shot an arrow at Shri Krishna. But when he moved forward to catch his prey, he felt very remorseful after seeing that Shri Krishna was there. The Lord assured the hunter and himself went to Paramdham, where many sages and gods gave him a grand welcome. Then the hunter went to Hastinapur and informed the Pandavas about the entire incident, hearing which the Pandavas felt very sad.

Dwarka city drowned in the sea

On the other hand, Arjun had also reached Dwarka. He felt very sad after seeing the situation there. When Shri Krishna’s queens saw Arjun, tears welled up in their eyes. Seeing this scene, even Arjun’s eyes became tearful. The whole atmosphere there had become sad. Vasudev was also present there. He told Arjun the message of Shri Krishna and said that the city of Dwarka is going to drown in the sea. Therefore, you should take the city residents to a safe place. Hearing the words of Vasudev ji, Arjun asked Darukh to call all the ministers. As soon as the ministers arrived, Arjun said that I will take all the city residents from here to Indraprastha. Because soon the sea will engulf this city. After this, all the ministers immediately started following Arjun’s orders. Arjun spent that night in Shri Krishna’s palace. Next morning Shri Krishna ji’s father Vasudev ji also sacrificed his life. Arjun performed his last rites as per the rituals. Vasudev ji’s wives Devaki, Bhadra, Rohini and Madira also committed sati by sitting on the pyre. After this, Arjun also performed the last rites of all the Yaduvanshis killed in Pravas Tirtha. On the seventh day, Arjun along with Shri Krishna’s family members and all the city residents set out towards Indraprastha. As soon as they all left, the city of Dwarka drowned in the sea. This scene surprised everyone. And thus the divine city of Dwarka adorned with gold was drowned in the sea.

FAQ Section

Q. Why did Dwarka city sink into the sea?

Ans. Some hunter mistook Lord Shri Krishna for a deer due to which Lord Shri Krishna went away and then when the Pandavas came to know about the untoward incident in Dwarka, Arjun immediately went to Dwarka and took the remaining family members of Shri Krishna to his place. They took Indraprastha with them, after which the entire city of Dwarka mysteriously drowned in the sea.

Q. Why is Dwarka city famous?

Ans. According to Hindu religious texts, the city of Dwarka was established by Lord Shri Krishna. Dwarka city is the workplace of Shri Krishna.

Q. What is there to visit in Dwarka?

Ans. To visit in Dwarka, there is Dwarkadhish Temple where there is an idol of Shri Krishna, Bet Dwarka, Nageshwar Jyotirling and Gomti Ghat. The view there is very beautiful.

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